Sri Ramakrishna Math National School


Mr.Ravi kumar, having his company in Bengaluru, but staying in Chennai remotely handling his business is contributing most of his time in managing the school administrative activities.

Mrs. Kruthiga, an Abacus teacher and a devotee of Sri Ramakrishna Math, has come forward to serve the children by training them in Abacus. She takes classes weekly twice for 2 batches. She has expressed her happiness and satisfaction in delivering this service to these under-privileged but enthusiastic and bright children.

The School welcomes all kinds of expertise thereby giving anyone interested in this great service, an opportunity to serve in a way that is possible. Moreover, we offer them a honororium to those particpate with us even part time.  Retired teachers, Administrative personnel, Education Officers, sports teachers, Any Graduates etc. with a skill, free time and a passion to serve are welcome to get in touch with us to explore ways and means of service that suits oneself and the organization as well.