About us at a Glance

Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, is involved in various charitable and philanthropic activities for more than 100 years. One of the oldest activities of Math is the education of poor students in the backward areas of North Madras.

Sri Ramakrishna Math National School now has 248 students. A recent survey revealed that nearly 67% of the students are socio-economically underprivileged, their parents being mostly labourers working in the Mint area of Chennai. Some of these students hail from poor families without even electricity at home. The school provides the necessary ambiance and facilities to the students which they lack at their homes, including basic facilities like sanitation and pure drinking water facilities.

The school has a well-equipped computer lab with 20 computers. A qualified teacher, appointed by the Math, imparts basic computer operational training to the students. The educational media are regularly shown to students using computers and projector.

The school with its axiom that physical strength reflects in mental strength, requires students to compulsorily participate in sports. The School campus has a spacious ground where the children play under guidance and encouragement of teachers.

Training in music is imparted to students at all levels with the help of class teachers. During these classes, students are taught cultural, devotional and patriotic songs.

How you can contribute?

You can contribute in any ways given below:
a) Sponsor the extra-curricular activities of the School. Please contact School Office or Secretary for more information.

b) Create general endowments.

c) General Donations.

Donations can be made both online and offline

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All donations are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80(G) of the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. Please provide your PAN number while making the donation.