Sri Ramakrishna Math National School

Vision and Mission

Swami Vivekananda defined education as the ‘Manifestation of perfection already in man‘. Our Vision is to actualize Swami Vivekananda’s fundamental educational ideals of imparting life-building, man-making, and character-building education to all.

i) We strive to develop an educational system wherein the rich and spiritual heritage of our country with its hoary tradition of values like Sacredness of Knowledge, Shraddha (faith), Purity, Devotion to Truth, etc., are taught on the one hand; and on the other, are taught the western values of scientific temper, rational investigation into the truth of the world we live in, objectivity of approach through science and technology, work efficiency, team work, etc.

ii) We work as a team to practically implement the high ideas and try to actualize our vision during the classroom interactions. We conduct several programs for the children at different levels and provide the platform for their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual growth.