Computer Lab

The school has a minimal computer lab with 10 computers. A dedicated teacher imparts basic operational training to the students. Educational media are regularly shown to students using computers and projector.


The school believes that physical strength reflects in mental strength encourages students to participate compulsorily in sports activities. The School campus has a spacious ground for the children and every week some periods are allotted for sports activities.

Music training

Music training is imparted to students at all levels with the help of class teachers. During these classes, students are taught devotional and patriotic songs. The students participate actively during the class.

Educational Trips

To broaden cultural awareness and to provide valuable educational opportunities away from the classroom, our school conducts educational trips for the students. They are taken to temples, botanical gardens, zoo, and historical places to educate them in various ways.

Dedicated drinking water purifying plant

With the generosity extended by Lions Club of North Chennai and philanthropic contribution from the Math, a reverse osmosis plant has been commissioned to meet the drinking water requirements of the students and teachers. This has resulted in better health benefits to the students as the water they drink is potable water.